What is Bilibili

What is bilibili? (And why it matters to brands?)

Founded in 2009, Bilibili used to be a video sharing platform for ACG (Animation, Comics and Games) subculture in China. However, with the audience aging up and the content diversifying, Bilibili has been steadily making its way into mainstream and is regarded as Chinese YouTube for content creators.

Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends 2030

It’s only the beginning of 2020 however brands are already thinking into the future about their consumers’ purchase decisions. In this post we will highlight what we predict to be the beauty and personal care trends that brands should look out for.

How Covid-19 can Affect the Beauty Industry

Our experience with SARS indicates rebounding demands are likely to quickly stabilise the beauty market. Meanwhile, key beauty players remain confident amidst uncertainty with expected uptake in e-commerce. Customers are also showing strong urges to get back to their usual beauty routines.