China: Spring Festival is not only in Red


Bottega Veneta has launched their 2023 Spring Festival video “The way home (一路向家)”. By using similar ways of expression in their Chinese Valentine’s Day video, and combined the scenes of people on train, ferries and buses, to show the audience that Spring Festival is on the way.

Key insights

Point of View

  1. In contrast to other brands using red as the theme colour or using many red elements in their Chinese Spring Festival video, Bottega Veneta‘s lunar new year video is using the brand’s theme colour green in the video. Which is successfully resonating with their audiences.

  2. This different way of expression could also be found in the past case of the Apple’s 2018 New Year Video, named “Three Minutes (三分钟)”, which is reflecting a train attendant is always on duty during spring festival and the story of 3 minutes catch-up with her son on the platform.

  3. Nowadays, more and more brands are starting to make differentiation in the massive campaign period where other brands making red flooding everywhere during the spring festival. This could be a good reference for next year’s spring festival video.

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