Culturally Confident Young Generation


POP-Mart launched Chinese New Year blind box series celebrating the year of the Rabbit! 16 designs plus a secret CHASE in the series. The campaign also collaborated with TIKTOK which encouraged young KOC to dress themselves to the toys in blind boxes.

The campaign was immensely successful at gaining the attention of young Chinese consumers, attracting over 50,000 game-players within a month and garnering over total views of 16 million.

Key insights

Point of View

  1. With Chinese gen Z and millennials valuing emotional value highly, and China’s Gen Z is considered to be a culturally confident young generation, with a natural affinity for traditional culture. They are willing to support the national tide.

  2. For Chinese gen Z and millennial generations (raised in periods of relative affluence), the game-like elements of surprise and excitement have stimulated buyer curiosity. Strong subcultures have emerged, with a large additional market for modified toys and products.



Written by Lexie from internship summer bootcamp 2023

13 Jan 2023

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