Luxury brands are becoming ever-competitive to gain younger customers



Louis Vuitton has an extensive collaboration with the 93-year-old Japanese fine artist Yayoi Kusama (草間彌生), in rolling out clothes, leather goods, accessories and even perfumes. In global scale, Louis Vuitton launched dedicated campaign featuring the iconic dotty partens.

Key insights

Point of View

  1. Millennials present a new set of challenges to the luxury industry as they are expected to make up to 50% of the whole luxury market by 2025. As opposed to simply deriving materials, shapes, and patterns from Yayoi’s artwork, LV’s product was designed based on a deep understanding of her artwork and connotations. To increase audiences’ interaction with Yayoi’s work, LV explores animations and autostereoscopic. The selection of artists and application of technology adhere to LV’s Avant-Garde fashion position;

  2. Marketing methods in this campaign present the feature of diversion: from the ‘traditional’ cross-over collection, online assets, we also observe the application of artistic formats like iconic installation, exhibition with advanced tech, which is a good learning for mkter to rethink the media landscape.

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