Market: From Local to Global


Lune Crossianterie is a bakery franchises in Melbourne that is very well known among locals for selling the “best croissant in the world” (by The New York Time Style Magazine). Lune has proved their stand in the local market with good reputation, by showing the customers their meticulous baking process and providing the high quality pastries from sweet to savory, with exquisite visual, not to mention the affordable prices. Lune also attracted lots of foreigners and journalists with its name, hence all the global articles come out.

Key insights

Point of View

  1. Since Lune is a local business that first opened in Fitzroy, they understand Melbourne’s food culture and their passionate love for coffee, sweets and pastries. Secondly, Fitzroy is a well known artist market focused area for many years, so with these two factors in mind, Lune invests on both the aesthetic of the brand and the croissants quality that match with Melburnians taste. For a city that highly appreciate the authentic / on-site hand made products, Lune is like the hotspot for foodie lovers and people who love to visit trendy location, with the spacious, contemporary factory / store like design.

  2. Lune is also well known for having customers willing to line up / camp super early for their croissants for years. This image stimulated the curiosity of many more those who don’t live in Fitzroy area, or even outside Melbourne, and now attracting foreigners. Not to mention the endless flattery you can easily find  comes from customer reviews, from social media, to articles, and the advertising scale keeps growing.



Written by Anh from internship summer bootcamp 2023

13 Jan 2023

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