New opportunity of small-medium ANZ brands to enter China’s Market with Tmall Global

Webinar Agenda

In this webinar, Brand Catalyser together with Tmall Global Australia will introduce Tmall Global MiniStore entry requirements and marketing strategies to help you start your brand’s entry to the Chinese market. 

  • Who we are – Brand Catalyser
  • What is Tmall Global MiniStore
    • The difference between Tmall Global MiniStore vs Tmall FSS
    • What type of brand or business is suitable for Tmall Global MiniStore?
    • Benefit of Global MiniStore (what support Tmall Global will provide to SME brands)?
  • When you are ready for Tmall Global MiniStore, what else should you prepare?
    • How to get your brand ready for the China market? (Chinese media landscape & brand present building)
    • How to drive traffic to your Tmall Global MiniStore shop? (out-platform traffic)
    • Chinese media channel priority (what should you focus on?)
  • Beyond 6 months with Tmall Global MiniStore
    • Long term brand strategy
    • Long term marketing strategy
    • Market expansion (SEA market)
  • Q&A Tmall Global MiniStore

Cross-border e-commerce is a no-brainer for local merchants to ensure scalable and sustainable business growth. Last year’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival had a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of US$84.54 billion. Exporting and selling in Tmall Global has proven to be important in capturing the massive buying power of 900 million Chinese consumers. This is especially important for international brands.

Tmall flagship store used to be one of the well-known marketplaces for international brands to sell in the China market. Tmall Global introduced a new cross-border export solution “Tmall Global MiniStore”, which is a bespoke solution for small businesses at a remarkably minimal cost. 

From the historical record, Tmall Global Ministore has reached 100 million sales monthly and has helped many ANZ brands start their sales in China’s market. 


Why Tmall Global MiniStore?

Low Cost

  • Lower operation fee
  • Lower marketing cost

Strong incubation for individual products

  • Tmall Partner integrated support
  • Covering over 100 millions customers beyond Taobao Ecosystem

Fully-supported operation

One-stop integrated solution provided by Tmall Global and brand catalyser

  • Brand onboarding
  • Product operation
  • Brand operation
  • Customer operation 
  • Supply chain operation


Date & Time

Tuesday 22 February 2022

10:00-11:30am AEDT/ 12:00-1:30pm NZT

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