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WeChat is the Chinese “one-for-all” communication and social app, that can help connect your business with your consumers. To unleash the power of this super app, let us walk you through how your business can use capitalise on WeChat content marketing and other WeChat marketing services.


What is WeChat?

WeChat, also known as “WeiXin (微信)” in Chinese, is the Chinese super app. Owned by the Chinese technology giant Tencent, WeChat plays an unparalleled role in the lives of millions of Chinese residing around the globe. 


WeChat is called the “super app” for a reason. Since its conception in 2021, WeChat has grown to be the one-stop-solution to all day-to-day needs in China and other available regions.


The app combines a wide array of functions – almost like a meta ecosystem that engulfed Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Paypal, Amazon, Uber – you name it!


Here is a list of WeChat functions (Updated 2021):

  • Communication: Text messages, voice messages, phone calls, video calls, group video calls

  • Social Network: WeChat Moment feed (朋友圈), official accounts and service accounts (公众号), WeChat video account (视频号), QR code ID, customer service

  • eCommerce: WeChat store, WeChat payment, money transfer & red pocket

  • WeChat advertising: Native Moment ads embedded in the feed

  • Allows customised H5 landing pages and WeChat Mini Program (小程序). Can be used as lead generation, takeaway ordering page, interactive games, and more!

Why is WeChat important for your business?


So we have established that WeChat is essential to the daily lives of billions of Chinese. But why should businesses use WeChat?

WeChat can not only serve as your main consumer touchpoint with access to WeChat’s large active user pool, it can also play an unique role in your marketing strategy mix. There are 3 main reasons:


  1. Large user base

  2. Owned & paid content in one

  3. Easy expansion


1/ Large User Base

By June 2021, WeChat has a global active user base of 1.25 Billion monthly, growing at a staggering rate of 3.8%. It has penetrated into most cities in China. For example, in the top tier cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, the WeChat user rate is close to 100%.


Even for Chinese living abroad, WeChat is the main contact method they use to connect with family and friends. WeChat Pay has now entered South-East Asia, available for more users outside China.


Without a doubt, your Chinese target audience would be on WeChat. This makes WeChat the best way for any business – overseas and local – to reach their target audience and build long-term relationships. 


Want to do some influencer marketing? WeChat has you covered too! Its already-matured WeChat Official Accounts and on-the-rise WeChat Video Accounts have also given birth to countless key opinion leaders (aka influencers). 


2/ Owned & paid content in one

If your business wants to foster an online space where you can connect with your customers, you have WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat groups, and WeChat Mini Programs. If gaining more brand exposure and awareness is on the top of your list, WeChat Moment ads can give you a boost. WeChat content marketing has it all.


With one business account, businesses are able to communicate and engage with their customers in numerous forms that are preferred by the Chinese audience. Chinese consumers are already familiar with seeing brand paid ads in their Moment feed and commenting under a brand’s Official Account article. 


There’s no habit to be formed. You just need to be there with quality content.


3/ Easy expansion

Based on our experience providing WeChat marketing services for an array of clients, WeChat marketing can be easily scaled up or down based on your needs.


For small businesses with less resources, a basic strategy including one Official Account and controlled paid ads can be sufficient.


As businesses grow, they can gradually add more features into their WeChat marketing strategy mix. For a mid-tier package, the brand can explore the rising WeChat Video Account and release seasonal H5 pages to stand out from the crowd.


What does a full-on WeChat marketing plan look like? It actually depends on your brand. From awareness generation (paid ads) to conversion (WeChat Store) to post-purchase management (loyalty program on WeChat Mini Program), WeChat can assist you along the entire customer journey.


How can you use WeChat to grow your business?


No two business problems are alike. Therefore, every business will need a tailored WeChat marketing strategy to excel on this super app. 


As an experienced WeChat marketing agency, we have summarised the following list of WeChat marketing solutions:


  • WeChat Official Account Set-up & Content Creation

  • WeChat Video Account Set-up & Content Creation

  • WeChat Official Account Advertising

  • WeChat Moments Advertising

  • WeChat H5 Page & Mini Store Design

  • WeChat Chat Group Management

  • WeChat Media Buying

  • KOL & Influencer Outreach

  • WeChat Store


But what is the right WeChat marketing strategy for YOUR business? If you struggle to answer this question, we are more than happy to help! 


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