Distribution Solution

Build your sales channels in the Dynamic Asia Markets

We provide comprehensive distribution consultancy services for brands to enter a new market. Our distribution solution is to help your business to solve challenges from market understanding, market registsration, sales channel, trade-partner evaluation & management, etc. From online to offline, flagship store to resellers, we are capable to provide end-to-end services to land your brand and product on local market.

Distribution Services

Entering a foreign market is an exciting step and progression in a business. It can also be an overwhelming time for business owners. You want to make sure that your products meet the legal requirements to be sold in certain countries and can be delivered to your customers in a smooth manner, and that means finding the right distributor. Whether you want your products to be sold in physical stores or online, distributors are important as they work to get your products to your consumers. Brand Catalyser is proud to offer Distribution Consultancy and Distribution Services to help your business to match with one or more compatible distributors that are aligned with your growth plan and market strategy. 

What can we help?

Entering multiple markets each with their own culture, language, and different consumer types can be a big undertaking. Add on the task of finding the right distributor, you’ll need the right people to help your business throughout this process. Without the appropriate analysis and strategy, it’s easy to lose things in translation. 

Brand Catalyser provides comprehensive distribution consultancy services to help brands enter new markets. From supply chain, management systems, to warehouse and distribution, we take steps to ensure that your distributors are the experts in your industry, are the right size to accommodate you, and are aligned with your goals and values to make for a harmonious business partnership.

What are your distribution options?

We know that there are several distribution options that brands can pursue, and at Brand Catalyser, our team can conduct the necessary market research to understand your industry’s distribution channel.

Looking to manage your own flagship store? Our team can support you in finding the best fulfilment agency to suit your needs. As opposed to trade partners handling the warehouse management, a fulfilment agency will help you manage your warehouse, monitor stock levels, and more. 

If your product is eligible for general trade and you want to see your products in department stores, or other physical retail spaces, our team can support you in accessing retail distribution. For brands wanting to explore live-streaming as a distribution channel, our team is ready to get you set up and monitor the real-time performance of the campaign.

What regions do we cover?

Distributors are a great way to reach more customers and access profitable markets in new territories. Countries like China present a market with ever-hungry customers who are on the lookout for the next new product. Other markets including Southeast Asia are topping the global lists for their growth. It is a prominent part of the world trading system. Since its incorporation into the world economy, it has had a major impact on the distribution of the region’s economic development. Southeast Asia is in a strategic location. To successfully invest in global market expansions, businesses must build effective distribution chains and we can support you throughout this journey.

Why work with Brand Catalyser?

When we said our services were all encompassing, we were serious.

Brand Catalyser helps your business to solve barriers that span from market understanding, sales channel, trade-partner evaluation & management, market registration, and more.

Finding a good distributor is incredibly important as it solidifies your entry into a foreign market. It is also a taxing endeavour that can be time consuming and stressful during a phase in your business journey where you may want to allocate your attention to other parts of the business. 

WIth our experience in distribution, coupled with our understanding of business pain points, Brand Catalyser is a clear standout in the industry. Our expertise in local markets is a direct correlation to our ability to deliver distribution solutions and consultant services that will provide end-to-end services that connect your brand and products to local markets and consumers.


Expanding your brand into the world's fastest growing marketplaces. We provide end-to-end solution for brands looking to conduct cross-border ecommerce across our operating countries. Our combiled expertise have helped numerous brands to plan, setup, and oversee their business in various marketplaces.

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