4 Methods of Celebrity Endorsement in China

When endorsing your brand within the Chinese market, there are many different routes you can take depending on your budget. There are some cost-effective methods, as well as premium methods. All of which are effective in gaining exposure within the Chinese market.

  • TV show sponsorship

TV show sponsorship and placement is one of the most popular long-form content marketing in recent years.

Firstly, the multiple marketing methods give brands several options to help reach their target audience precisely.

Secondly, the integration of the whole chain brings unlimited possibilities for the IP marketing value of TV shows, from the creative implantation of the programme to the additional effect of celebrity influence. It will help our brand to achieve massive exposure.

Finally, the brand concept will subconsciously convey the brand’s values to consumers.

  • IP Collaboration

Through the cooperation with IP marketing, it is easy to form topics and heat in the short term, in order to attract potential consumers to obtain a bigger market. The product, image and other aspects to create IP, gives the brand vitality and communication. This helps to convey the values with high identification.

  • Product Seeding

Product Seeding is less about long term relations but about aiming to spread awareness for brands. Implementing an omnichannel digital marketing strategy on social media will boost brand awareness and create e-reputation.

  • Celebrity Endorsement

By collaborating with some of the national celebrities, the brand’s awareness in the Chinese market will increase in a relatively short time. It can also be combined with the fan economy to derive more digital media marketing strategies.

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