5 Key Guides to Online Property Listing

Potential property buyers are constantly seeking new projects with intensive research while waiting for the right opportunity to cash in on great deals. For property developers, this means that catching eyeballs and gaining share of voice early is vital to stay ahead of the curve in the current saturated market.

Combining our partnership with local leading property developers and experience in media placements on listing sites such as REA, here are some key insights and guides on how to maximise the potential of online property listing:

1. SEO Can Make a Big Difference

Having the full street address on your listing can help with your Google ranking. As most users searching for specific regions and suburbs, providing proper address can drive more relevant clicks. Some websites such as REA also provide mapping & direction functionality as an extra tool for users to consider your property.

2. Use Photos, But Not All of Them

Users can tell low-quality listing apart from others merely through its images. High quality external and internal images drive more attention and credibility on the listing. However, overwhelming your photo slots with vague lifestyle and location photos are not recommended as it might come across suspicious and being obscure.

3. Keep It Fresh

No one likes to click on an outdated listing with old images. Besides updating the status of your listings, it is also essential to regularly refresh the headline, copy and photos to optimise your listings. We recommend a monthly update on the creative materials to avoid fatigue.

4. Include Methods for Contact

With the increase of mobile and app users, having your contact method in the dedicated fields allows potential customers to reach you easier. Other crucial details such as including inspection times can also let users take action without going through multiple steps.

5. Utilising the Right Ad Format is Key

Sites such as REA provide numerous engaging ad formats to interact with users. Formats such as Project Profile and Native Ads are distinguished placements that can help your listing to stand out. Project Profile summarises all projects in a single clean and sleek overview with large images for branding purpose, along with engaging video features. Meanwhile, Native Ad delivers seamless user experience across devices by matching your ad with the form and function of the section around it. Make sure you take advantage of these formats to separate yourself from other listings.

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