Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends 2030

Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends 2030

It’s only the beginning of 2020 however brands are already thinking into the future about their consumers’ purchase decisions. In this post we will highlight what we predict to be the beauty and personal care trends that brands should look out for.

In 2030, create products and services that:

1. Push and Pull

In 2030, consumers will explore the push-pull between nature and science; each must support the other to expand beauty consumption. 
2. Feature Wastefree Claims

This will come about as waste streams enter the product development pipeline in response to sustainability.

3. Integrate the Internet of Things
The ability to measure, monitor, and integrate data will change behaviour as these products fit seamlessly into consumers’ lives.
4. Elevate Engineered Natural Ingredients
These will be wholly embraced by consumers who want both organic and sustainable production.

5. ‘Hack’ Biology.

As the focus shifts from ageing to longevity, with emotional and mental health taking centerstage, new cosmetics will become essential for social survival.

6. The Path to Success isn’t Easy
Success is achieved by offering information, providing the full story and avoiding misunderstanding. This is essential for expanding consumer understanding of biotechnology and facilitating the dramatic shift in conversation around ageing.

Important Factors

 1. Take Advantage of Biometric Data
Use data to assess consumers’ preferences and rely more on psychographics to develop a better understanding of customers. 

2. Leverage Spacefarmed Ingredients

Beauty products that draw ideas from space conditions, such as microgravity, and offer a new approach to beauty claims.

3. Simplify Skincare
 Slow beauty will take over with thoughtfully-crafted products that encourage consumers to pare back skincare routines.

4. Overcome Geographical Limitations 
Create an expansive outreach across cities, towns and communities. 

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