Things you Need to know about Livestream E-commerce

New retail thrives on a unified commerce model

Experiential e-commerce is a customer-centric strategy that strengthens the bond between the brand and consumer through a virtualised shopping experience.

What is Livestream E-commerce?

At a time when consumers are craving entertainment and connection while at home, livestream commerce – evoking the idea of home shopping TV programs, but made more interactive – is an intriguing solution for brands to directly and authentically engage with audiences.

As a response to increased video viewership of at-home audiences, the strategy builds on recent trends in stoppable social content and the rise of influencer partnerships.

Why Livestream E-commerce?

As brands aim to engage with consumers in new ways after the pandemic, many re seeking inspiration from the direct to consumer model to engage directly with their audiences. While retailers and brands have incrementally invested in digital platforms, these developments show how the need to digitally transform has accelerated to keep up with shifting user behaviours.

Livestream E-commerce in China

  1. Much of livestream commerce’s appeal is its ability to mix engaging, interactive content with brand stories.
  2. While Social Distancing, Video is King. 28& of consumers are watching more online video content now than they had before the pandemic.
  3. Among the most popular video content that people want to watch are how-to and tutorial videos, according to data from Hootsuite, a category that lends itself well to influencer content and B2B stories.

Best Practice

In response to the challenges that brands and retailers have felt due to the ongoing pandemic, our Brand Catalyser Team recently offered a few solutions, including multichannel influencer campaigns that amplify voice and awareness across communities, as well as partnering with existing products advocates to carry business momentum on social media.

Such strategies enable brands to reach consumers authentically, backed by a consolidated effort to ensure working teams can easily continue production safely at home and produce the stream remotely.

Build Value Through Assistive Content

While brands and retailers are focused on solving the “now,” they must also look ahead into how they will serve consumers throughout what may be a difficult year ahead. As consumers eek out content and connections that helps them understand and make the most of a new normal – whether that means staying sane while social distancing or stretching the value of a dollar – livestream commerce offers a great opportunity to build a brand relationship.


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