What is Private Traffic?

What is Private Traffic?

Private traffic is frequently discussed in the context of social e-commerce platforms’ popularity. Monetizing of public traffic pools becomes difficult in the competitive e-commerce environment. Hence, many companies now dig more value from regular customers and target them using private traffic. Furthermore, private traffic is valuable to consumers because it gives them intimacy with the brand.


PublicTraffic Pool

Platforms and marketplaces with huge traffic and resource

✓ Contacts consumers through platforms
✓ Reaches a wide range of consumers
✓ Mainly disposable flow, hard to complete retention
✓ High cost on getting traffic


Personal account and community with close consumer relationships

✓ Direct contact with consumers
✓ More focus on targeted audience
✓ Improving consumer retention rate
✓ Low cost on getting traffic


How private traffic marketing works in China?

Why private traffic is important


– Building Loyalty and TOMA of brand
– Increase Exposure and Point of Contact
– Cost-Effective Reach to Retain Members


– Targeted Messages and Resonating Content
– Differentiate Offers
and Products
– Discover High Value Audiences


– Drive Awareness and Engagement
– Activate and Acquire
– Lowered Cost of Acquisition

How to build private traffic ecosystem


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