Content Localisation & Translation


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Content Localisation & Translation​

It’s more than just the language.   We help brands to localise and translate their messages into the right tone of voice, maintaining the brand personality and image on the right medium. Translations without context, form and factor can cause miscommunication. Besides speaking in the brand’s voice, we also deliver localisations which are precise and relevant to your audiences – by not losing the human touch.


Speak in Your Own Voice

From brochures to full website translation, we provide a wide range of translation services to suit your needs. We strive to find the right balance between your tone of voice and the form and function of the language to communicate with your audience effectively. Our in-house English to Chinese translator can provide professional translation services in all types of mediums.


Content Localisation

We can help you localise your content to engage with Chinese-speakers with our in-depth understanding of the current dictionary  couples with precise delivery and context. If you are looking to localise your content, our team can help you speak with the same voice of your brand. 


Content Localisation & Translation​

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