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RED Marketing Strategy

RED, also called XiaoHongShu, means ‘little red book’ in Chinese. It is a growingly dominant social media platform for Chinese audiences. It is a lifestyle-sharing app with features that allow brands to establish a commerce platform as well as to create an engaging brand community.

From beauty and healthcare products to video games, RED’s content covers almost everything you can ever imagine, making it a platform that is able to reach a wide range of demographics in China and Chinese-speaking audiences around the world. It is also a platform that encourages users to share their user experience of different products and reviews, making RED an overall authentic and credible social media platform for both users and brands.


Optimise UGC for your brand on RED

User-generated Content(UGC) is emphasised on RED, they are presented as ‘Notes’ on the platform. Its ‘Star’ feature allows users to save these notes created by other users in their dashboards for future references or sharing with other users. These offer valuable opportunities for brands to enhance their brand image as users spread positive word-of-mouth about the brand.

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