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Sina Weibo Marketing Strategy

Weibo marketing is suitable for businesses that aim high in the long term. 

Among all the Chinese socials, Weibo stands out as one of the most recommended Chinese social media platforms for digital marketing, Known as the ‘Chinese Twitter’, Weibo is a multimedia microblogging platform that allows brands to access over 570 million active users. From celebrities, brands, political leaders to ordinary users all utilise this platform for new information every day.

Optimising the right Weibo marketing strategy will help your business to greatly increase its brand awareness.

Brand your Business to Chinese Audiences 

Weibo marketing strategies are diverse, maintaining a strong official account on Weibo allows your brand to gain more exposure and confidence in the Chinese market.

Brand Catalyser as a leading multicultural cross-border marketing agency truly understands each and every touchpoint of your brand’s customer journey. We provide Weibo marketing services that cover the needs that your brand wants from a social media marketing campaign and implement the most suitable strategies. We specialised in Weibo content marketing, advertisement planning, account management and KOL marketing. Our team of experts knows how to make the most out of Weibo to carry out the most cost-effective and favourable marketing campaigns to bring great results to your brand.


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