BC x JobReady Virtual Work Experience Program

Brand Catalyser and JobReady jointly launched a virtual work experience program for cross-border brand marketing in March 2021. We Brand Catalyser provide high-quality marketing cases and cross-border marketing-related content, to help participants understand the process, pain points and corresponding solutions of cross-border marketing, help them to become experts in the field of cross-border brand marketing.

Up until the 6th of September, over 850 students have engaged with our virtual work experience program and we have garnered positive feedback from undergraduates and graduates alike.  


“This program gave me the knowledge structure to follow but also pushed me to do research on certain cases to finalise the task, where I learned a lot from the process.”


“I never learned marketing before and it gave me a whole picture of marketing and real case to work on. It’s a bit challenging but helps me learn fast within a short period of time. ”


JobReady is the world’s largest virtual work experience platform in Chinese, and has cooperated with many leading companies in the global industry, and is committed to providing first-class virtual work experience content for college students and newcomers in the workplace. The virtual work program with Brand Catalyser will provide participants with the experience of working with first-tier brands from overseas to open up the Chinese market, and help them to quickly adapt to international cross-border brand marketing through real cross-border marketing cases with foresight and applicability.

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