Co-founder Hazel Hu has been listed as a finalist of the 2021 Australia China Alumni Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Hazel Hu 胡欢
RMIT University

Co-Founder, Head of Asia-Pacific Market 联合创始人,亚太市场总监
Brand Catalyser 目览触达

Hazel Hu is the co-founder of Brand Catalyser, an Australian cross-border advertising agency committed to breaking boundaries and bridging the gap between local brands and overseas markets. Hazel has helped over 100 Australian brands, homegrown and multinational groups develop and implement strategies that enabled them to launch and flourish in the Asian market. Hazel has co-led Brand Catalyser’s foray into the Chinese market in Australia, New Zealand, and China, now going further north into Southeast Asian markets like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and more.
Cultural diversity and individual development have always been at the center of Hazel’s professional pursuit and Brand Catalyser. As a natural leader, Hazel stimulates employee and company growths with her relentless and innovative management initiatives. Evidently, from the initial 3-people team to the now big family of 25 employees, the employee retention rate remains high at 90%. The team has gathered talents from all across the globe, yet been unified with the same fervent passion for the industry and collective goal.

胡欢,澳洲跨境广告公司目览触达联合创始人。目览触达致力于打破界限,在本地品牌和海外市 场之间架起桥梁,现已帮助超过100家澳洲本土品牌和跨国集团制定和实施战略,帮助其进入亚 洲市场并蓬勃发展。胡欢领导团队从澳新华人市场,开拓至中国大陆,新加坡,马来西亚,印度西 尼亚,越南等国家和地区。
公司尊重多元文化,并且鼓励员工多元发展。团队从初创时3名员工发展到25名,员工留存率高达 90%。作为一个领导者,Hazel在公司内的努力和发展举措促进了每个员工和整个公司的持续成 长。即使员工都来自不同的文化背景,Hazel致力于为员工提供一个平等、尊重、时刻保持热情的 工作环境,指引他们解决在工作中里遇到的问题,为同一个目标努力。


Source: Australia China Alumni Association

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