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SONICA Music Festival Case Study​

SONICA is Music Festival celebrates Asian creativity and culture through a memorable event filled with music, dance and fun.SONICA featured a lineup of acclaimed international artists from a variety of genres. The artist hailed from Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and more, with genres spanning from R&B, Hip Hop, K-Pop to name a few.

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Mycelium Case Study​

Mycelium (formerly known as Tracer) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), a type of bottom-up entity structure with no central authority but governed by smart contracts on a blockchain network (like Ethereum).

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Samsara Media Report

Samsara, a duet between international dance artists Aakash Odedra (UK/India) and Hu Shenyuan (China) was premiered at Asia TOPA in March 2020. This beautifully filmed documentary invites us into a collaborative creative process which took 3 years as the artists came together in studios across the UK, China & Australia.

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Oli6 Case Study

Oli6 is the Australian Nuchev Food company’s brand of goat’s milk, enabling people to grow into their best selves. Providing products that are as natural as possible, Oli6’s goat’s milk formulas help with the digestions and immunities of babies.

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