Elementelle Case Study

Elementelle Probiotics Influencer Endorsement


Seizing the opportunity of the launch of the brand’s new products, we found a breakthrough. our team decided to produce a local Australian nutritionist endorsement video for the brand and combine it with online and offline promotions to help the brand turn the tables.

  • Producing: We selected a list of official registered nutritionists who are active on social media, and the brand finally chose Mandy Sancher – in addition to her excellent professionalism, she is highly trusted by followers because of her exacting standards for the brands she endorses. The entire process of the video production was carried out by our team.
  • Online Spreading: By posting Mandy’s endorsement video on brand official accounts, we boosted the brand’s visibility, and using the video footage as paid ads content helped further increase the brand’s commercial value and lead to sales.
  • Offline Event: To engage with more media and press in Australia, the new product launch event was held in a venue in South Bank, Melbourne. Healthcare influencers were invited to learn about the brand and products, through livestream, they shared first-hand information with followers to drive awareness of the brand. We also invited Chinese media to convey brand messages to Chinese consumers, who play an important role in the market.
Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 2.22.40 pm
  • Thanks to the endorsement of a professional nutritionist, with a total impression of 52.5 million on multiple social media platforms, Elementelle’s brand image has been greatly enhanced in two months.
  • Regarding long-term marketing strategy, we have been granted a one-year license of Mandy’s image, during which time we can reuse the materials across all platforms to create the synergistic effect.
  • In response to the great marketing efforts, the brand’s sales have increased significantly in both Australia and China.

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