Elementelle Case Study

Elementelle Probiotics New Product Launch


To engage with more media and press in Australia, this time the new product launch event was held in an event venue in South Bank, Melbourne. This venue allowed us to have at most 100 people for the event and all activities were aligned with COVID-19 restrictions.   


  • Live-streaming

influencers were invited to attend the event to learn about the brand and products. They introduced to their followers aspects of the brand that went beyond the products, including the lifestyle of living healthy and especially the importance of gut health. Selected influencers livestreamed on the product launch day to give their followers first-hand information on Elementelle Probiotics+ and drive awareness of the brand. 

  • PR release on medical website and BBS in China

As Chinese people are important consumers of Australian Health Supplements, we invited the Chinese media to attend the event and release it on the mainstream Chinese websites.

  • Event management with VIP stakeholders

Important guests including stakeholders from Australia, Korea, China and representatives from Priceline also attended the event to celebrate the launch.

  • Elementelle Probiotics New Product Launch event was reported on 8 different channels in China and Australia
  • Received 66,000+ impressions across social media platforms and media releases
  • Highly engaged event and well-presented new products 
  • Drive awareness of probiotics online and offline

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