Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin Case Study

Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin in China's market


Owned media:

To build up a clear and distinct brand image, we started by setting up an WeChat Official Account. We also developed a WeChat Mini Program as the only official Leatherwood store as well as launched the official Chinese website for PC-end transactions. Furthermore, the combination of regular post and online ads helps educate the market and build up a recognisable brand image to music lovers.


Influencer Marketing:

We implemented KOC marketing campaigns before the Mini Program launch. We provided a comprehensive briefing to KOCs to introduce the brand and product, which ensures that important information is conveyed to their followers clearly on their own social media platforms. This way, we were able to test the market’s reaction, learn about users’ concerns and leverage the influencers’ traffic to our WeChat Official Account. 

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WeChat Image_20200707151616
  • More than 3 million users were reached through WeChat ads and Baidu SEM within 4 weeks, and potential consumers of the brand were found through precisely targeted ads and the right core concept.

  • 30 famous music bloggers discussed and recommended the brand and its products

  • ROI 1:2.5 in the first month after the launch of WeChat Mini Program and the Chinese website

  • RoAS 3.85 in the Double 11 shopping festival
  • The average daily traffic to the website increased by 1000+, with an average daily order volume of 10-15 units

  • Leatherwood Bespoke rosin is now well known among violin and cello musicians in China.

  • We are continuing our campaigns to let the wider public recognize, learn about our brand and guide more music fans to acknowledge the value of Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin bringing to their music journey. 

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