Let BioRevive Become a HERO

Let BioRevive Become a HERO

Biorevive Vietnam - Charity Campaign 2021
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To achieve this, BioRevive worked closely with these non-profit organisations and organised talent contests with hearing impaired children and donate CleanEars to communities.

As a part of their mission, BioRevive

  • Provides a no-fuss solution to help hearing impaired children and the parents clean their ears easier and safer.
  • Understands and is happy to share all the knowledge about ears and hearing to the community.
  • Sees and embraces talents and encourages them to shine confidently, by giving out some small gift boxes to all the participants in the talent contest.
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  • 25 Happy Kids & 50 Happy Parents in Talent Contest

Parents was very happy and amazed by the outcome of the Clean Ears Kids Little bottle and sent photos back to the brand.

They were asking if Clean Ears create more online workshops to share all the knowledge about ears and hearing to the community.

  • Brand Promotion & Knowledge Share

BioRevive accompanied babies and parents in speech therapy sessions, as well as imparted ear knowledge to parents to care for their baby properly.

Storybooks are available in both Vietnamese and English to express the message to the children more clearly.

  • Potential Sales Driven of CleanEars

Parents were also asking where they can find CleanEars Products and sent lots of thanks to the brand.

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