PR Seeding Case Study of Tutu Du Monde

Kid Appeal Industry Background

The evolution in the buying behaviour of children, and their influence over their parents results in a big difference in purchase decisions. Media exposures and promotions also cause a significant influence in the market. Evolving dynamics in this market have made it necessary for the manufacturers and retailers to evolve their business strategies in order to sustain themselves in the market. Many manufacturers come up with their own brands, while some others enter into business through joint ventures.

Today’s kids are more fashion conscious and are ready to experiment with clothing. Increase in the amount of disposable income, and retail blitz has brought a sea change in the Indian kids apparel market. With kidswear being considered as a part of the lifestyle segment and a strong emphasis is being placed on brands, this segment proves to be a potential business.

Each Tutu Du Monde item is an expression of the love that is poured into them, from the design stage in Australia, to their production in India by a group of extremely talented ladies who are proud to use the skills handed down to them through their families.

The creation of celebrated designer, Andrea Rembeck, and based on her unwavering commitment to authenticity, quality and craftsmanship, Tutu Du Monde enriches every little girl’s desire to dream.

Capturing the spirit, innocence and freedom of childhood, the essence of Tutu Du Monde shines through each exquisite piece – from the signature tutus to seasonal capsule collections featuring perfectly coordinated items such as headdresses, jewellery, capelets and ballet slippers. Celebrating the imaginations of little (and big) girls the world over, a Tutu Du Monde garment is truly unique – just like its wearer – and is perfect for all occasions, from playing dress-ups to flower girl.

Targeted audience analysis:

When selling kids’ clothes, it will often have two key audiences: kids and their parents. Parents are the ones who ultimately make the buying decisions for most children’s clothing purchases. Kids, on the other hand, often have a say in the clothing their parents purchase–either as they show their dislike for particular items of clothing and refuse to wear them (or, conversely, wear the same pieces of clothing over and over again) or as they specifically ask for the brands, characters, or types of clothing they like to wear.

There are also many niches clothing brands within the kids’ clothing industry, from companies that focus on comfortable dress-ups that kids will fall in love with because they represent their favourite characters to character-free lines that focus on solid colours and comfortable fit. However, we found Tutu Du Monde USP ‘Starting from our craftsmanship, unwavering creativity and unique design and journeys’, ‘To the priceless, unforgettable experience of owning a Tutu du Monde garment.’ This clear brand positioning to help the brand launch in China market.

PR seeding strategy

There has been some reputation of Tutu Du Monde in western markets by collaborating with celebrities, however no such collaborations have been carried out in Chinese market.

Content PR Seeding is less about long term relations but aiming to spread awareness for Tutu Du Monde. Implement an omnichannel digital marketing strategy on social media especially on Weibo to boost brand awareness and create e-reputation.

Result and Achievement

  1. Increased a total of 549 net followers on Weibo in the last 30 days.

  2. 15 new Weibo posts added in the last 30 days which contributed to 387k views.

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