618 Mid-year Shopping Festival 2021

Taobao 618 Mid Year Shopping Festival is one of four key Taobao shopping festivals that all consumers expect and it becomes a shopping carnival on all e-commerce platforms in China. Brand Catalyser worked with our clients to deliver campaigns on all social media platforms to direct followers to online official stores.

GO Healthy

Mid year Shopping Festival (618) Campaign Highlights:

  1. Launched the Paid ads on both LRB and Weibo platforms, shared promotion information with audiences and recommended the Hero product GO Grape Seed, GO Milk Thistle and GO Cherry Sleep.
  2. Launched the “Sales Card” ads on LRB to promote sales.(Small inputs)
  3. Launched the “Brand Experience Officer” activity on RED Community to raise brand awareness and encourage more people to try GO Healthy products.


  • Reached over 1447.8k people, 256,815 Views, 3264 Interactions.
  • Increased 1038 New followers


Natio Mid year Shopping Festival (618) Campaign Highlights:

  • Launched the banner ads on Weibo platform, shared promotion information with audiences
  • Recommended the Hero products for summer: Natio Rosewater & Chamomile Toner + Natio Moisturising Sunscreen SPF 50+


  • Reached over 11million+ impressions, 9k+ Interactions

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