Chinese Valentine’s Day Campaign Review 2020

What is Chinese Valentine's Day (Qixi)?

The Qixi Festival is a Chinese festival is based on a romantic legend of two lovers. It has existed for over 2000 years and is still celebrated to this day. This traditional Chinese holiday has grown into a Valentine’s Day retail extravaganza becoming one of China’s most important shopping events. This period is especially beneficial to brands as on this day, people are known to give gifts to loved ones.

Why Chinese Valentine's Day?

The Qixi Festival presents a good opportunity for global brands. Outside of Chinese New Year, the Qixi festival is one of the biggest sales driving Chinese holidays of the year. This major shopping holiday has sales in some categories increase by nearly 120% for the day. Brands put in a lot of effort in order to drive traffic during this period

Brand Catalyser's Actions - GO Healthy

GO healthy: 3 healthy couples (七夕有你就GO了)

GO Healthy believe in the health and happiness of their consumers. What better way to show the people you love that you care about them than taking care of their health?

For the Qixi Festival Brand Catalyser created three product packages for three different types of couples. Based on different health needs, we curated these packages based on these needs combined with Go Healthy’s product features.  

Creating WeChat articles as well as live streaming on Little Red Book increased product awareness as well as sales. 


Brand Catalyser's Actions - Natio

Natio Love Letter (七夕情书)

Natio’s “Spirit Collection” is powered with nourishing wildflower and plant extracts. With powerful skin boosting properties of Australian flora, this collection proved to be the perfect gift to leave the skin feeling healthy and invigorated. 

Using a love letter format created for Natio Brand Catalyser was able to promote their new “Spirit Collection” by utilising a romanticised concept. By purchasing from this collection, consumers can show their loved ones how much they care by gifting them beautiful products that nourish their skin.

Brand Catalyser's Actions - Sukin

Sukin: Glowing Love Sukin( 焕发爱意)

For the Qixi Festival, Sukin utilised the meaning of hair in Chinese culture which can represent the feeling of missing your loved one. Brand Catalyser created three stories about love, the feeling of missing someone, and hair to promote Sukin’s signature shampoo.

In order to connect their signature product to love, Brand Catalyser utilised the format of a love letter to dig into and adapt the romantic culture and atmosphere of the Qixi Festival.

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