What is bilibili? (And why it matters to brands?)

Growing originally from the ACG culture in China, Bilibili is now a mainstream Chinese video community based on content creation.

What is Bilibili?

Founded in 2009, Bilibili used to be a video sharing platform for ACG (Animation, Comics and Games) subculture in China. However, with the audience aging up and the content diversifying, Bilibili has been steadily making its way into mainstream and is regarded as Chinese YouTube for content creators.

  • MAU 172 million
  • Daily time spent per user: 87 minutes, 16 videos in average
  • More than 90% users are Gen-Z

Interest Focused

Research shows the Gen-Z youths are less willing to start initiative socialization with friends and more likely to search for information online for their interests.

The wide range of UGC on Bilibili is efficient in attracting the audience, as the high-quality contents meet Gen-Z interests and offer them sense of belonging.

Popular Content Topics

  • Entertainment: pop culture, celebrity…
  • Lifestyle: food, pets, cosmetics…
  • Game: E-Sports, mobile games…
  • Anime: domestic anime, cosplay…
  • Technology: electronics, science…

What makes it different?

Freedom and diversity

Any interests of minority can be respected on Bilibili. It is extremely friendly to niche audience with certain hobbies such as Lolita(lo娘), Hanfu(汉服同袍),ACG dancers (宅舞舞见), etc.. In terms of video type type diversity, auto-tuned remix video(鬼畜) is originated and still reviving in Bilibili exclusively.

Family-like Community

Originated from the ACG culture, which had been separated from the mainstream culture in China for decades, Bilibili was always recognized as a shelter for the minority. Although the situation has been changed now, the family-like atmosphere stay in Bilibili community and brings higher user stickiness compared to other video platforms.

What can brands do?

Display Ads Placement

  • Highlight exposure: topview, top/mid page banners, in-feed banners…
  • Native coverage: In-feed native card ads that target audience based on behaviours, interests and keywords.

Phenomenon Marketing Solutions

  • Bilibili New Product Day (B站新品日): Online livestreaming Press Conference combined with creators’ partnership.
  • Bilibili Call-up (B站召集令): Create a topic landing page and a hashtag to encourage related content creation.
  • All-year Content Topics : Bilibili runs different hot topics (including brand-sponsored topics) through all year to encourage new high-quality contents.

Spotlight Content Marketing

Integrated brand sponsored contents in Bilibili organic content map.

  • Mainstream Anime (大番剧)
  • Bilibili Original Documentary Series
  • Entertainment(Movies, TV Series & Reality Show)
  • Bilibili Major Events (Bilibili Macro Link, Bilibili World…)
  • Sports Events
  • Virtual Idols (Vsinger & Vtubers)

Cooperation with Creators

Similar to KOL & KOC cooperation. But Bilibili interest-focused creators have higher fan stickiness and influencity.
    • Creative short video
    • Unboxing Reviews
    • Professional Reviews
    • Below-video links to landing page

Create a Business Account (企业专车号)

Similar to Blue V on Weibo & LRB, official business account is essential for maintaining and persuading in terms of account credibility, genuine content and branded voice.

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