What is Little Red Book? (And why it matters to brands?)

Ever heard of social shopping? Take a look at Little Red Book and you’ll understand. The innovative app helps over 100 million users to discover and review beauty and health products from over 8,000 verified brands including Chanel, Gucci and Dior.

Also known as “Red“ or “Xiaohongshu” Little Red Book is a mixture of e-commerce and social apps with over 300 million users. It combines social profiles, reviews and e-commerce into a single platform. Little Red Book has 85 million monthly active users with user-generated content making up the majority of all content; 70% of their users are millenials and Gen-Z.

User behaviours on Little Red Book fall into three categories:

  • The Researcher: “Let me check out what people are saying about this brand..”
  • The Browser: “I just want to check out what’s new..”
  • The Sharer: “I just bought this product and here’s my review on it..”

What Can Brands Do?

Setup a RED store

        Fast-track customers purchase funnel and close the loop. Measure awareness, interest and conversion performance directly on RED. Join RED storefronts with thousands of brands and enjoy other cross-brand promotions

Partner with KOLs

        Partner with Key Opinion Leaders through sponsored content – can be reviews, testimonials or recommendations. Expand your presence and gain credibility- reputable KOLs with a huge following have stronger presence and better engagement with fans. 

Display ads placements 

Native ads on RED ensure seamless experience of users without disrupting the reading format. By opting for specific keywords, brands can appear in-between RED organic posts and gain views and clicks.

Make sure you don't miss out on Little Red Book as they have a lot to offer!

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