What is WeChat? (And why it matters to brands?)

You’ve heard about the hype of WeChat but what makes over a million brands hop onto this social platform? WeChat is one of the most versatile social platforms in the world. From mobile payments to menu ordering, you name it they have it.

What is WeChat?
And why it matters to brands?

WeChat is definitely a must for brands looking into expanding to the competitive Chinese market.

WeChat is a multi-purpose social platform by Tencent and is described as “The app for everything” in China. it includes messaging, social media, mobile payment and business functions.

WeChat has: 

  • 1 billion global monthly active users
  • 20 million verified official accounts
  • 80% of users are following official accounts 
  • 65% of users are 22-54 years old

WeChat users are primarily working adults, sending out 74.9 messages per day on average.


What Can Brands Do?

  1. Set up accounts
  2. Sponsor content
  3. Run moment ads
  4. Pay via WeChat pay
  5. Setup mini programs and more

What Can You Do with a WeChat Official Account?
Engage, Educate, Assist


Having an account means you have the channel to directly interact with your audience. It will be a part of your brand equity and have an influential impact on your brand appeal.


What is WeChat Moments?

朋友圈 (Peng Yo Ch-When), WeChat Moments equates to a social feed featuring posts from accounts you follow. 84% of users scroll through moments more than once a day. Brands can target users to show ads on their moments in various formats. 


What is Mini Program?

WeChat Mini Pograms are integrated applications obtained by following accounts. It does not need to be downloaded and can be used instantly. It can be developed for different functions such as e-commerce, task management, loyalty programs etc.

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