What is Weibo? (And why it matters to brands?)

One of the biggest social blogging sites – weibo is another platform for brands to interact, engage and produce content for their fans. Check out why this microblogging site is getting all the buzz from celebrities worldwide.

What is Weibo?

Weibo is a microblogging website by Sina. It is a platform for visually rich content with videos, live streams and photos. Weibo has 497 million monthly active users, 75% of users are 18-30 years old.

Cities Distribution:
  • 16% from Tier 1 cities
  • 24% from Tier 2 cities
  • 25% from Tier 3 cities
  • 31% from Tier 4 cities and lower

Weibo has 1.5 million verified business accounts, Their most popular industries include:
  •  Cosmetic & Beauty
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Food & Beverages
  • Automobile

What Can Brands Do?

  1. Set up blue v account
  2. Gain followers
  3. Ads with super fans
  4. Ambassadors & KOL
  5. Lucky draw & rewards and more…

What is a Blue V Account?

A “Blue V” is an exclusive label for verified business accounts. As opposed to the “Gold V” assigned to personal accounts with over 10 million monthly views. Blue V is essential for maintaining and persuading in terms of account credibility, genuine content and, branded voice.

Target Ads with Super Fans

Super Fans a.k.a 超级粉丝通 (Chao Gee Fen Si Tong) is one of the advertising networks of Weibo. There are over 4000 user attributes and 688 interest segments. Advance target options can include targeting followers of celebrities, KOLS & users.

Lucky Draw & Rewards

Weibo has a dedicated system for online lucky draw and managing contest for your blog. 

This system allows winners to be selected by Weibo through its integrated randomisation algorithm under strict rules to confirm its legitimacy which means no biases.

Weibo supports various engaging formats such as:

  • Share to win
  • Post to win
  • Sample giveaway
  • Pre-order
  • Limited time deals
  • Join to win

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