What is Zhi-Hu? (And why it matters to brands?)

Chinese social media is not just about messaging and micro-blogging. Discover Zhi-Hu – a Chinese question-and-answer platform that offers a full ecosystem for knowledge sharing. 

What is Zhi-Hu?

Think “Quora” or “Yahoo Answers.” Zhi-Hu is the largest Q&A platform in Chinese media with over 220 million users. It has over 29 billion views every month and approximately 28 million questions are asked on the platform.

  • 78% of users are millenials & Gen – Y
  • 64.9% of users are from Tier 1 – 2 cities
User behaviour on Zhi-Hu are mainly to spark interest, to research and review, and also to register and share.


More Than Just Words

Zhi-Hu’s format is diverse and rich, their features include:

  • Video
  • Q & A
  • Special columns
  • Thought leadership
  • Round table discussion
  • Search
  • Zhi-Hu Bookstore
  • Zhi-Hu Livestream

Popular Topics

Interior Design & Renovations

  • Furniture
  • Home design
  • Home renovations
Education & Learning
  • Programming – C++, Phython
  • English language
  • Career improvements

What Can Brands Do?

Partner with Contributors

 Contributors are Thought Leaders
Being endorsed by popular contributors can instantly boost your brand contributors
Creating Genuine, Trustworthy Content is Key

Readers are used to sponsored content. But most importantly, they are looking for informed answers for their inquiries, and not a sales pitch.

A Clear Call-To-Action to Drive Conversions
Zhi-Hu articles can be lengthy, so make sure you know what objective you would like to achieve, e.g. lead generations, online store purchases. 


Display Ads Placement

 Native Ads Win the Race 
As Users Intent on the platform is strong, having native ads ensure a less disruptive experience for readers.
Conversion-Driven CTAs
Zhi-Hu Display Ads support various CTA such as lead generations, app downloads, online purchase or article sharing

Flexible Bids and Pricing
 Zhi-Hu Display Ads can be charged via CPM (cost per thousand impression), CPC (cost per click) or Optimised CPC (bid to optimise based on objective).


Setup a Contributor Account

 Show Your Expertise 
Becoming a content creator means you can showcase your knowledge and insights regarding related issues.
Be a Topic Champion
Contributors with consistent and positive ratings will also be labelled as “Excellent Contributor” within defined categories. 


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