Brand Catalyser Audit Tool is a preliminary, beta-testing brand health checklist
measuring the brand's performance on Chinese social media

The audit tool comes in a series of questionnaires to assess the extent of a brand’s current capabilities corresponding to best practices of the industry based on the latest marketing news and our experiences on the platform. This tools serves as a brand health check, especially those who want to do a Chinese social media audit. With this tool, we aim to identify opportunities and areas of improvements of the current social media activities with the end goal of devising a strategic approach for upcoming social media plans.

Who needs it and why?

Throughout our years in crafting Chinese social media strategies for brands, we noticed there are huge disparities between brands in their understanding of the capabilities of these platforms. We agree that social media can be ever-changing and no one size fits all when it comes to marketing. However, for brands with tremendous opportunities to constantly miss out due to being blindsided by the influx of social media changes is completely unwarranted. 

Which is why the team at Brand Catalyser brings our years of experience and latest knowledge on social media together to formulate an audit tool that serves as a brand health check fit for overseas brands who are currently engaging in Chinese social media – in hopes that brands get the best out of their media investment and marketing returns.

How does it work?

Brand Catalyser Audit Tool works in the simple principle of 5,5,5 
– five social media, five questionnaires and five key areas.

5 Social Media & Channels



Little Red Book



5 Questionnaires

Each social media and channel will have its designated questionnaire. 
The questionnaire includes multifaceted questions which examine aspects and features of the channels and its performance. 

Each question will contribute a score and will correspond to five different key areas and gauging how well the brand is utilising said channel.

5 Key Areas

Each question will answer how well that particular channel is being utilised, managed and 
maintained to achieve the following 5 key principles respectively:

Brand Visibility

Brand Perception

Brand Image

Customer Attitude

Customer Retention

Expected Outcome

Together with a radar chart, we will also provide in-depth recommendations encompassing observations, insights and action plans to further assist brands on leveraging their channels and maximising their media investments. With the result of the audit tool, we aim to achieve to following:
  • Identify Key Gaps and Areas to Improve
  • Measure Channels Against Industry Latest Practice
  • Drive Further Mileage on Available Marketing Channels
  • Assess Media Investment and Maximising Returns
  • Build Strategic Approach on Upcoming Social Strategy
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