Multi-Channel Network - KOLs Marketing

Chinese KOLs influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular. Brand Catalyser provides multi-channel network (MCN) services to our clients from different tiers of KOLs and influencers in both China and Australia. By adding MCN into your marketing plan, you will be able to empower and tap into the influences of these talents.

Why do you need MCN?

Consumer-facing brands need followers and volumes to get their word out – but not all brands can get the same result organically. This is where Chinese KOL influencer marketing comes into play. Brand Catalyser is aware of how MCN has become a strong extension of many businesses’ marketing plan as it leverages the volumes, traffic and interactions of successful internet individuals – known as Key Opinion Leaders (Key Opinion Leaders) or Influencers. 

 The cross-functional benefits they bring to augment your business growth is hard to neglect. Besides getting the word out and driving impressions, the synergy between MCN and your marketing tactics can quadruple your marketing mileage, if done right.

Create Social Buzz

Competing for social share of voice can be tough with so many contenders in the market. And MCN with its mix of channels and high engagement rates and traffic can offer that quick and snappy approach to drive awareness with branded content.

Reach the Right Audience Mix

A KOL can help you quickly identify and reach your target audiences. Essentially, KOLs have done all the hard work for you – they take time to engage with a specific, niche audience, and grow a community centred around a specific interest.

Build Credibility & Trust

KOL have built relationships, trust, and credibility with their fans. Audiences who are accustomed to their style have developed a sense of familiarity with the content creators.
By sharing the KOL's content audience flow, you'll be able to put your message in front of an actively engaged audience, who are eager to convert and interact.

Enrich Your Content Strategy

Whether images, videos or interactive campaigns, our MCN solutions can tap into KOLs and Influencers from these following social media
to get you the right results.



Little Red Book




Get the Best Practice

Although MCN campaigns come in different scales and objectives, getting the right results are very much dependent on every step/phase of the campaign. Here are some of the best practices, according to Weibo’s The Economy of Fans 4.0 Playbook:

A Mix of Talents – Just get a KOL/Influencer with huge followings and call it a day is not really maximising your marketing effort.

Pop Culture Is Your Friend – While some think that pop culture buzz might steal away their spotlight for new brands, it is proven that hopping on the bandwagon can drive genuine engagements. MCN can help painting the brand in a different light, with more personal tone without diminishing the brand’s spotlight.



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