Why Us

Brand Catalyser Founders

Why Working with Us

At Brand Catalyser, we pride ourselves on having such a diverse team both culturally and professionally. 

Some joined us as students, others from different industries altogether. The mix of skills and backgrounds has made Brand Catalyser a melting pot of innovation, creativity, beautiful chaos, and inclusivity. 

Whether it is Chinese, Vietnamese or Indonesian, we find ourselves quite lucky to get to meet talented bilingual and trilingual individuals and turn that into the catalyst of success for our clients.

Identify Opportunities

Find the right product-market fit and engage with the right audience and customers. We help businesses to explore their new market ventures by developing actionable digital strategies and scaleable market solutions to prepare your brand for the next move.

APAC markets are nothing less than dynamic, the growing population and changing market landscape of these markets are definitely undergoing a significant shift. Where others see barriers, we see opportunities.

Brand Catalyser as a leading agency in cross-border marketing steps in to help brands in excelling in their marketing ambitions.

Experience-Based Executions

A great brand experience is the key to creating a big impact. And great experiences can only come from truly understanding the needs and wants of your audience and customers.  
By considering these factors with our APAC Market Solutions, Brand Catalyser helps brands succeed by providing our profound knowledge integrated marketing solutions. We ensure our strategies find distinctive and effective ways for your brand to build healthy and long-term relationships with its audiences.
Experience-Based Execution is also a key target for brands to consider what truly matters to their customers and audiences while balancing between brand purpose and brand actions that can bring long-lasting results.

Fast-Paced, Vibrant and Competitive

If we can ever describe the APAC market in three words, these would be it.
Being the fastest-growing economy in the world, the Asia market is a highly attractive spot for brands and marketers to find a place to compete and raise brand awareness in the market.
Brand Catalyser prepare brands for their launch in local markets withint APAC region through the insightful market knowledge and implement comprehensive executions that were built upon actionable strategies to reach out to global consumers.
Like many other investment strategies, we identify possible risks and opportunities and integrate innovative multi-channel strategies for brands to ensure their marketing efforts are aligned with their long-term objectives while accomplishing short, campaign-based goals.

Fragmented or Interconnected?

Understanding a new market can be daunting. Apart from cultural and behavioural differences, venturing into an uncharted territory may also require substantial resources, time and manpower to dig deep into the insights.
Brand Catalyser aims to make these easier with our Cross-Border & Cross-Cultural Marketing Solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to provide significant value to our clients by having a great understanding of what consists of a good user experience in Asia while assisting them to discover and achieve new milestones with our expert digital strategies.

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