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Entering a new market is an exciting part of a brand’s growth that can be daunting. At Brand Catalyser, we enable brands to access the global consumer market by providing a go to market strategy that will set your brand up to navigate foreign territory. Our market entry strategy consists of the most effective course of action for your brand. From sales strategy, buyer’s journey planning to pricing strategy, we offer a cross border solution that is tailored to your brand and its goals.

What We Do

Breaking into a new market is a form of market development that many brands explore in order to grow. A new market presents a wide range of possibilities, and while it is an exciting venture, you need to be prepared.  

We provide full-service marketing solutions for brands that are ready to not only enter, but also ready to thrive in new markets. From brand marketing to trade marketing, we are dedicated to bringing the best possible outcome to your business through our tailored marketing solutions.

Our Strengths

We are a team of multilinguals across four languages and native marketers with background in marketing, advertising and media.

We have over 100K direct contacts with content creators, influencers/KOLs in the APAC region for a highly efficient workflow and utmost brand safety in place for brands.

We partner with over 50 service providers within APAC regions to enable a holistic solution for our clients.

Southeast Asia is set to be our key market. Within our pipeline - starting with recruitment a Malaysia-based team and setting up a foreign direct invest (FD) company entity in Vietnam.

Beyond B2C marketing, our services also cater to trade marketers of export divisions for cross-border brands to better support brands throughout the supply chain.

From internal planning, market research to campaign executions, our end-to-end service ensures better turnaround time for our clients to kickoff their marketing activities.

Our Process

Growing your brand in new markets is a multifaceted venture. Getting a clear understanding of a market’s culture, local language, behaviour and regulations are complicated factors of this process. It’s great to look at the potential opportunities, but it is equally if not more important to look at the challenges when it comes to entering any new market.

We curate a range of services tailored to your brand’s specific needs that will set you up with an efficient entry strategy. Our strategy includes an outlook of the most market opportunities, identifying your target audience within your target market and developing an actionable new market entry strategy to establish your brand and build your customer base.

Our team will identify your target audience’s pain points and how that fits in with your product or service’s competitive advantage. Working with us is a long term partnership, our team will support your brand throughout its journey. Whether that’s new product launches in an unfamiliar market to you or reaching new customers in untapped territory.


We are the bridge that conncects you to the world

We Make Sure You Are Prepared

As much as it is daunting, entering a new market is also incredibly exciting and can be rewarding for your brand to grow and take things to the next level. Which is why having the right team to support you throughout this process is important. Any entry into a new market requires an enormous amount of work and investment. You need to plan meticulously, identify challenges and come prepared with contingency plans.

Are you ready to go up against your competitors? Do you know who your competitors are? Getting insights on how well your product will fit in any new market is crucial to consider. That’s where Brand Catalyser comes in.

Our team brings a vast array of insights into the dynamics of the current market and techniques to meet your business objectives. Be prepared to make better, informed, and strategy-led decisions for your brand with our pragmatic solutions and industry-leading frameworks to elevate your business to another level.

We are here to support you throughout this exciting but also daunting part of your business growth. Our capabilities cover a wide range of areas to ensure that you have the right strategy to deploy that is efficient and effective. From Southeast Asia to APAC regions, our team of specialists are able to guide you along this journey and provide tailored solutions to enable your brand to go global one market at a time.

Our Clients

We work with clients from various verticals with tailor-made marketing solutions across Australia, China, and South East Asian markets to achieve the best results on both markets.

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