Top-Rated Cross-border & Cross-Cultural
Marketing & Consulting Firm

We provide industry-leading go-to-market strategy
enabling brands to access the global consumer market.

Our Clients

We work with clients from various verticals with tailor-made marketing solutions across Australia, China, and South East Asian markets to achieve the best results on both markets.

What We Do

Breaking into a new market is a form of market development that many brands explore in order to grow. A new market presents a wide range of possibilities, and while it is an exciting venture, you need to be prepared.  

We provide full-service marketing solutions for brands that are ready to not only enter, but also ready to thrive in new markets. From brand marketing to trade marketing, we are dedicated to bringing the best possible outcome to your business through our tailored marketing solutions.

Our Strengths

We are a team of multilingual with native background in marketing, advertising and media.

Beyond B2C marketing, our services cater to trade marketers of export divisions for cross-border brands to better support throughout the supply chain.

We have over 100K direct contacts with content creators, influencers/KOLs in the APAC region for the efficient workflow and utmost brand safety in place for brands.

We partner with over 50 service providers within APAC regions to enable a holistic solution for our clients.

From internal planning, market research to campaign executions, our services ensure better turnaround time for our clients to kick off their marketing activities.

Southeast Asia is set to be our key market. Within our pipeline - starting with recruitment a Malaysia-based team and setting up a foreign direct invest (FD) company entity in Vietnam.


We are the bridge that conncects you to the world

We Make Sure You Are Prepared

As much as it is daunting, entering a new market is also incredibly exciting and can be rewarding for you to take your brand to the next level. Any entry into a new market requires an enormous amount of work and investment. You will need to plan meticulously, identify challenges and come prepared with contingency plans. Which is why having the supportive team throughout the whole journey is important. 

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