Brand Catalyser is a Top-Rated Cross-border & Cross-cultural Marketing & Consulting Firm enabling brands to access the global consumer market through providing tailored industry-leading Go-To-Market strategy. The firm is headquartered in Australia, with offices in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. 
We are on a mission to enable brands to go global by mapping out sales channels, fitting compatible trade partners, launching marketing campaigns that cut through the noise and facilitating brand growth with extraordinary marketing capabilities from ideation, media, to production. 



We enable brands to access the global consumer market by providing integrated marketing communication strategies that adapt to the local media landscape and overcome language, cultural and behavioural barriers.

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To date, we have grown from 3 to 30 employees in less than five years, and our client portfolio has grown from 5 to 150+ including numerous premium brands. From being involved since day one, to scaling up and launching into global markets, we support our clients through varying stages of their brand growth.

Christie Ding

Head of Client Solutions

Head of Markets

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