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Brand Catalyser Audit

Explore our unique and holistic methodology on brand audit will measuring multiple facets and tailored to specific industries and companies. Brand Catalyser will analyse each of pillar of your communication channels with up-to-date measurements to gauge opportunities.

Sports & Performance

Discover the offerings from one of the leading and biggest Chinese marketing and ticketing platforms in Australia.

Piaowu provides all sorts of information of entertainments, arts and sports news across Australian Chinese community.

Social WeCommerce

Setup your very own WeChat e-commerce store and start selling in weeks. Explore the intuitive functions of WeChat ecosystems and convert your social followers into buyers and brand loyalists with our competitive solutions. 

Talent Management

Key Opinion Leaders are the biggest driver in the Chinese market now. With so many personalities and niches to choose from, brands can leverage on the popularity of these individuals and form brand partnerships, collaborations and more.


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