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Top Youtube influencers have millions of subscribers and views of their videos.

In Australia and New Zealand, reaching out to the target audience with Youtube influencers are highly effective to tell brand stories and showcasing product features. As these content creators on Youtube are experts in videography and creating engaging intriguing content, viewers often find them persuasive and willing to listen to what they have to say. They are also useful tools for brands that want to pursue viral marketing.

Whether it is influencers who have a high number of followers or micro-influencers who focus on a more niche topic, some of the popular Youtube channels offer content that can capture the audience’s attention while increasing positive brand awareness. 

What we do

Brand Catalyser also works as an Influencer Agency and truly understands Youtube influencers in Australia. Having connections across Australia, New Zealand and China, we are able to source your brand the most suitable Australian Youtubers for your campaign. Our team of influencer management specialists are experienced in conducting influencer marketing campaigns for brands. From selecting influencers, creating short videos to monitoring the performances of the sponsored videos, our team understood how good management of influencer marketing can speak effectively to audiences about your brand.


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