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WeChat marketing for businesses is impactful

Especially for brands that emphasise content marketing, WeChat as the dominant Chinese social networking platform with billions of users monthly has manifested its ability to convert followers into members of an engaging community. Through the use of service accounts, brands can reach out directly to WeChat users to provide customer services and increase their brand awareness by creating quality content.

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Apart from being a prominent social networking app, WeChat has numerous functions that cater to people who have different needs such as WeChat mini-programs, Store, Moments and QR code scanning. This reflects a great opportunity for brands who want their audience to actively engage with them through WeChat advertising.

Brand Catalyser as a leading multicultural cross-border marketing agency truly understands each and every touchpoint of your brand’s customer journey. We provide WeChat marketing services that cover the needs that your brand wants from a social media marketing campaign and implement the most suitable strategies. WeChat content marketing is easy with us. Our team of experts knows how to make the most out of WeChat to carry out the most cost-effective and favourable marketing campaigns to bring great results to your brand.


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