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Market Research


CherryHill Orchards is a family-owned business with 80 years of history in Australia. Known as the “Smile” brand among Chinese distributors and consumers, their cherries have been sold in Australia and exported to many Asian countries and regions for years.

In 2020, CherryHill Orchards decided to officially launch their brand in China to build a distinguished brand image. Brand Catalyser worked with the CherryHill Orchards team as well as their Chinese distributors to develop a Brand-Launching Strategy. This started with understanding the category challenges and consumer insights in China, as fresh food is one of the most fast-moving industries that is affected by government policies, trading limitations, seasons, etc.



Brand Catalyser conducted market research on 5 main cities in China to understand consumer habits and preferences in regards to cherries officially starting the branding campaign. After obtaining a brief overview on the cherry and fresh fruit market in China, we created a questionnaire to further understand consumer demographics, purchase channels & drivers, consumption habits, and category awareness.

Furthermore, 2020 is a special year for all businesses as COVID-19 spread all over the world and changed the way we live. We analysed the data before and during COVID-19 and how it reshaped and is reshaping consumers’ purchasing journey in the long run. It is both an opportunity and a challenge for all brands and enterprises to adjust themselves accordingly to a quickly evolving market to grow with consumers.


Coupled with social listening and brand monitoring, we analysed the research results and were excited to find out that not only about CherryHill Orchards but also how the main players of the fresh fruit market, such as fruit stores, apps and main cherry brands educate people, build up purchasing habits and create demand for fresh fruits. We were also able to locate the gap in the fresh fruit market and what CherryHill could do to meet these demands and improve its brand status to a higher level, which will make its value better recognised by the wider community.


  • Evaluated previous marketing campaign result
  • Audited brand health via social listening and research and identified its brand status with competitors in the market.
  • Identified CherryHill’s target audience in China
  • Identified cherry purchasing incentive, purpose, sharing modes and popular merchandise
  • Identified key purchase drivers of cherry
  • Created branding and communication strategies for CherryHill


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CherryHill Orchards Market Research

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