What is Xiaohongshu (RED)?

Xiaohongshu, also internationally known as “Red” is China’s top how-to guide and e-commerce platform for all things fashion and beauty. Xiaohongshu literally translates into “Little Red Book”. It founded in 2013 as a shopping and lifestyle sharing platform, featured for its UGC (User Created Content).  The platform has more than 277 million users with nearly 1 billion times exposure every day. It is the largest consumer word-of-mouth sharing and community e-commerce platform in China.

Little Red Book is often referenced as a combination of Pinterest, Instagram and Amazon. Little Red Book’s design is very similar to Instagram: 3 to 6 pictures, with text descriptions usually between 20 to 200 characters.

While at first, the platform looks like Instagram, it functions more as a portal and e-commerce platform where users can first browse then shop “in-platform”. For these reasons, Xiaohongshu is a brand favorite among e-commerce businesses and a popular medium for influencers.

In Australia, LRB has became one of the dominated social platform among Chinese community.

Based on GEO-Targeting and sophisticated UGC content , the user base grows very fast in past two years and it now has more than 446k users and 600k+ monthly active users in Australia.

Estimated active users 

Active users for RED is approximately 277 million, with 271 million users in China, while Australia has ranked 4th among countries overseas.



User Behavior

Consumers are increasingly turning to social platforms for product reviews, service discovery, etc. RED is a place they can go to easily find what they are looking for.

Engagement with Brand in 4 ways

Liking the content

similar to Facebook’s “like” feature

Collecting the content

saving it under a bookmark for future reference.

Commenting on the content

interacting with the post and the user.

Sending private Messages

interacting with the account directly via sending private message.

Why LRB is important to the brand

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