3 Key food-related health trends that exist in the Malaysian market

We discovered 3 key food-related health trends that exist in the Malaysian market from a recent research.
Firstly, the “awareness of digestive health” is increasing and diversifying in the consumer market in Malaysia. We observed a rising public interest in purchasing products that would aid in digestive health due to its connection to a healthy immune system e.g. the function of microbiome in immunity. This could be attributed to the growing concerns over immune system, one of the hottest topics in discussion in the local market.
Secondly, consumers are expressing their demand for “fortified food products”, particularly those labeled with a natural and healthy image. This could suggest a behavioral shift towards consuming supplementary nutrients to achieve a balanced diet, which we perceive as a natural phenomenon, in light of the sustained interest from Malaysian consumers for health supplement products.
Lastly, consumers in Malaysia also tend to prefer “naturally functional foods” when choosing what to consume on a daily basis. We saw an upward trend in the consumption of almonds, avocados, blueberries, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and many more foods with high nutritional values. This aligns with the popular concepts of “healthy eating” and “organic food” among urban consumers in the market.
In short, we believe that health awareness among Malaysian consumers is constantly growing, which could be credited to various factors, such as access to information, the influence of media and celebrities, the availability of health food options, and, the most foundation to it all– the continuously increasing emphasis on health and wellbeing in the market, which we think is splendid!

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