What is DingTalk? (And why it matters to brands?)

Famous for being overwhelmed with one-star ratings by students in an attempt to evade online schooling, DingTalk is a free, professional office tool used by over five million enterprises and organisations globally. It is one of the distance learning platforms recommended by UNESCO. During a period of uncertainty due to COVID-19, DingTalk have tailored solutions to help both students and employees to continue their work and schooling during difficult times.

What is DingTalk?

An enterprise, communication and collaboration platform developed by Alibaba Group, DingTalk is one of the largest professional communication and management app with over 200 million users. It integrates messaging, conference calling, task management, and other cloud office suites into a single app interface.

Key Features

Optimised for Workflow

  • Chat Groups Organisation
  • Document Approvals
  • Watermark Features
  • Calendar Feature
  • Attendance Report
  • Task Assignment
  • Online Classes
  • Cloud Storage
 Audio/Video Conference and Messaging
  • Supports up to 320 users per conference
  • Multiple Platform Video Calling
  • Group/Department-level Announcement
  • Poll Feature
  • Unread messages into Ding

How does DingTalk Help Enterprises and Schools during COVID-19?


 Student Clock-In Time Tracker
Parents can clock-in for students by checking in on DingTalk.
Monitoring Attendance

Teachers or tutors can assign Clock-In Task to parents informing class schedule. They can also also monitor attendance of each student through DingTalk.

Class-room Group Chats/Contacts
Parents are invited into classroom group contacts, which is segmented by different classes thus allowing parents with children in different classrooms to clock-in separately.  


Health Status Update

 Student/Worker Health Status Update
Sending health updates and results via DingTalk through a daily online form.
Quick Overview

School board, teachers, parents and employers can be informed of confirmed cases of students or students families falling ill instantly.

Information Dissemination from Officials
 With DingTalk, schools can receive the latest news, coverage and action plan from government officials and relay messages to teachers, students and parents. 

Employee Contactless Check-In Solutions

 Biometric-Free Check-In
No more facial recognition or fingerprint scanning. Employees can check-in to work with GPS location, Bluetooth or WiFi radio.
Employee Check-In
Employees can check-in to work with GPS location, Bluetooth, or WiFi.

Assigning Task and Person-In-Charge
Instantly assign scheduled task to PIC within chat groups and track progress from app interface.

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