What is douyin

What is Douyin?

Douyin, also recognised as TikTok, is a video mobile application that is owned by Beijing ByteDance. The key difference is that Douyin is for mainland China while TikTok is for global use.

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Strong Blow to the Aussie Art Sector Amidst COVID-19

With lights switched off in theatres and exhibition centres, cultural events worldwide including Australia has come to a halt amidst the outbreak of COVID-19 to be curbed with tight protocols on mass gathering and social distancing.

For art sectors, especially those starring Chinese artists, the catastrophic impact can be witnessed even earlier at the beginning of 2020.

Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends 2030

It’s only the beginning of 2020 however brands are already thinking into the future about their consumers’ purchase decisions. In this post we will highlight what we predict to be the beauty and personal care trends that brands should look out for.

How Covid-19 can Affect the Beauty Industry

Our experience with SARS indicates rebounding demands are likely to quickly stabilise the beauty market. Meanwhile, key beauty players remain confident amidst uncertainty with expected uptake in e-commerce. Customers are also showing strong urges to get back to their usual beauty routines.

疫情期间 | 美妆品牌数字广告动作观察

在疫情出现前期,所有美妆护肤品牌停止了大量广告动作,全部关注 在慈善关怀角度。传播节点出现在2月10日。

10日,随着大批人员复工,以及观众对于疫情态度,从恐慌、愤怒、转向温和,各个大型品牌开始逐渐恢复数字传播,并在在整体传播中表现出 有战略、 有规划、 有节制 的形态。